Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day One

Well, that was quite easy actually. I didn't expect it to be otherwise (I've done some intermittent fasting a little in the past and that included 24 hour periods with no food). Today I spread my 600 calories throughout the day to stave off hunger and it seemed to work. It's now 10:15pm and I've just finished a snack. Throughout the day I've had only one bout of hunger and it went away after twenty minutes. I suspect that tomorrow and the following few days will be harder.

For breakfast today I had a bunch of supplements with a whey protein shake (chocolate flavour). Mixed with light Alpro soya milk it gave a total of 130 calories. I've had these shakes for breakfast quite often as they stop me from being hungry and don't seem to affect my blood glucose levels too badly. That's important because I seem to be the most insulin resistant in the morning. Today, one hour after breakfast my BG level was 5.9mmol/l (106mg/dL). Before breakfast it was 5.5mmol/l, which is 99mg/dL. That fasting level is about average for me.

Lunch was another protein shake and a decaffeinated coffee for a total of 138 calories. Before lunch I'd also popped in to a local coffee shop and had an Americano. Handily, Starbucks shows the calorie content of its drinks so that was measurable: 11 calories (though on the web site it says 10 calories). That's a total of 279 calories at the day's midpoint.

For my evening meal I had my first solid food. A salad of lettuce, peppers and tomato with pickled jalapenos, onions and red cabbage. To treble the calorie count I added 10ml of extra virgin olive oil. For something more substantial, and hot, I also had a small Indian selection. This was a vegetable pakora, a vegetable samosa and an onion bhaji. The total for all of this food was 242 calories, giving me 71 to play with. I finished that off with a 12g portion of chilli-flavoured peanuts.

My liver has been doing its job today though, so my blood glucose isn't low. Before my last meal I went for a run, which turned into a half run, half walk of two miles. Before the exercise my BG was 5.1mmol/l (92 mg/dL). Afterwards it had only gone down a tiny amount to 5.0mmol/l, or 90mg/dL.

That's it for today. I've got two exercises to do from my weekly round-up before the day ends. Some tricep extensions and Pec Deck Flies. So I'll be off now.


  1. You might want to explore Dr. Mirkin's approach to diabetes ( His wife, Diana, has some good vegetarian dishes posted (

    I've found that his DASH diet ( , has helped with my weight loss.

    Exercise is important. Walking is the fastest way to start with minimum cost. A fast pace helps, as well as distance (three or four miles).

    Good luck with your 'experiment'. May it be a success!

    1. I'll take a look at those links, thanks. I've had a cursory glance but nothing in depth yet. Some are a bit worrying - those that include rice for example. I find rice spikes my blood sugar unnacceptably, no matter what type I eat. I tend to eat very low carb normally, though what I'm eating now is just very low everything.

      I'm actually more worried about keeping weight on at the moment as I'm rapidly vanishing.


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