Saturday, 8 September 2012

Week One

Week one is now over. I probably should have monitored more information than just my fasting blood glucose and weight. However, that's the only data I have so it seems worth reporting on.

During the first week my average fasting blood glucose, including the Saturday where no change had been made before the FBG reading, was 5.1mmol/l (92mg/dL). I've gone back through the readings from the week before the experiment and found that my average FBG was 5.6mmol/l (101mg/dL). So that's an improvement of 0.5mmol/l (9mg/dL). Not a huge jump but my starting numbers were pretty good.

My weight has plummeted from the lack of food (hardly surprising!) At the start of the experiment I weighed 11 stones, which is 154 pounds or 69.9kg. After just one week I have lost 6 pounds to reach 10 stones and 8 pounds, which is 148 pounds or 67.1kg. My BMI has fallen from 23.4 to 22.5, both of which are in the "healthy" range. My body fat percentage, measured using electronic scales and some form of magic, dropped from 20.1% to 18.6%.

On the body fat percentage, a starting point of 154 pound in weight and 20.1% body fat suggests that total fat used to have about 31 pounds of fat and 123 pounds of other "stuff". With the new weight and body fat percentage I now have 27.5 pounds of fat and 120.5 pounds of stuff. That means that I've lost 2.5 pounds of something that isn't fat. Assuming that my brain and bones haven't shrunk, some, if not all, of that must be muscle, which is concerning.

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