Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day Nine

Glucose testI wonder if I'm being punished for my slight indiscretion yesterday or if today's fasting blood glucose is just a weird result. This morning's reading was the highest of the experiment and one that I would have been disappointed with even if I was not trying this diet. I scored 5.8mmol/l, which is 104mg/dL. I'm guessing that this isn't bad for some type 2 diabetics (some may even think it's a good value) but I'm not happy with it at all.

I hope it's a one-off and that this lowered calorie intake is not affecting my glucose tolerance in the wrong direction. I would normally eat double the calories that I did yesterday and not expect to see a poor result in the morning. However, I can't see it as too significant as there are lots of reasons why I could get one high reading other than a problem. It may be because I am not taking the readings at the exact same time every day, I'm not eating or waking at the same times either. It could also have been due to the error allowance of the meter. My meter gives an accuracy of +/- 10% at this range, so my actual blood glucose was between about 5.3mmol/l (95mg/dL) and 6.3mmol/l (113mg/dL). It's a shame they can't be more accurate.

So I'm not going to dismiss this high reading but I am not going to worry unduly yet. Only if I see more high numbers will I become concerned.

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