Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day Five

Hungry jacks signFive days in and still no hunger. Surely it will come eventually! The only effect I noticed today was that I felt tired this afternoon during a walk. However, I had been for a run before the walk so it could just be that. It was nothing serious, I just found that after the first couple of miles I became fed up and wanted the walking to be over.

Fasting blood glucose was a little lower again this morning at 4.8mmol/l (86mg/dL), which is the lowest I've ever recorded. I've created a chart now that there are a few results so you can see the progression. My fasting levels are definitely lower than they usually are, by an average of about 0.5mmol/l (9mg/dL). I'm not sure how significant this is in terms of improved health but every decrease is a bonus.

My highest blood glucose readings today were both 6.1mmol/l (110mg/dL). The first time I got this reading was immediately following my morning run. This is the first time that running has increased by results; normally a run lowers my BG significantly. The second was ninety minutes after my evening salad. I won't bore you with the details of my food; they are pretty much the same as the previous four days: whey protein shake, vitamin supplements, salad and some nuts.

My concern at the moment is my weight loss. In four days I've lost four pounds. I'm still at a good weight for my height but if this continues for too long I won't remain that way. I'm hoping my weight stabilises somewhat, though on such a calorie-restricted diet this is unlikely. If the weight loss slows a little I'm be happier.

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