Saturday, 29 September 2012

Two Weeks On

Blood Glucose Testing
It's now two weeks since I returned to my "normal" low carb, medium protein, high fat diet, following two weeks of 600 calories per day. The results have not been what I would have hoped for. I have regained a little weight, which I'm happy with, and my ability to exercise for longer and with greater intensity has returned. The problem is that my blood glucose levels have also increased, which is disappointing.

Before the experiment, my average fasting blood glucose (FBG) was approximately 5.6mmol/l (101mg/dL). This lowered during the starvation diet, as one would expect, to 5.1mmol/l (92mg/dL). A good improvement. However, in the two weeks since the experiment my FBG has been not only higher than during the experiment, but also greater than before the diet began. The lowest FBG I've seen was 5.7mmol/l (103mg/dL). The highest, this morning, was 6.1mmol/l (110mg/dL). The average has been around 5.8mmol/l (104mg/dL).

This doesn't seem like a huge increase and some might say that it's not that significant. I'm not happy with it though. I am disappointed with any FBG reading over 5.6mmol/l (101mg/dL) and very unhappy to see anything beginning with a 6.

I'm now considering my next experimental diet and exercise change to see if I can bring it back down again. Any suggestions a welcome!

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