Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day Six

EggDay six and still no hunger. I'm starting to come around to the idea that the hunger won't arrive.

I had a blood test today and it happened that the person taking the blood was the surgery's nutritionist. I had a little chat with her about a friend who managed to reverse his type 2 diabetes following a similar process to my experiment (I've asked him to write a guest post about this). I didn't mention my experiment as I wanted to avoid a lecture.

I expected the nutritionist to tell me that eating so little was a bad idea and to give me the usual information about eating low fat foods and lots of complex carbohydrates, and that curing type 2 diabetes was not possible. It was a pleasant surprise when she nodded enthusiastically and said that the best diet for type 2 was the Cambridge diet. I don't know much about this diet so I won't recommend it (or link to it). She said it was a very low calorie plan based around milk shakes. She even went as far to say that people who followed this plan and lost weight through it had been cured. Unfortunately, she said it wouldn't be suitable for me as I'm too thin.

Today's food was a change. No salad today (though maybe later for a snack as I've got 53 calories spare). Instead a plain two-egg omelette and a couple of slices of vegetarian "bacon". This food caused a peak blood glucose of 5.0mmol/l (90mg/dL), which was actually lower than my fasting blood glucose today, which was 5.1mmol/l (92mg/dL).

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