Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day Two

I thought day two would be a problem but actually it was another pretty easy day. I started the day with a minor headache; nothing too bad, more of a niggle than a real pain. Not sure if it's because of the dietary changes or because of a late night last night. My fasting blood glucose was 5.2mmol/l (94mg/dL), which is on the low side of average for me.

Breakfast was another chocolate flavoured protein shake made with soy milk. I think I'll have to restock on almond milk for a bit of a change another day. I've also got some vanilla flavoured whey protein to mix it up a little.

Because of the late night I had my breakfast shake pretty late too so didn't bother with one at lunch time. Instead I went for a walk for an hour, after which my blood glucose had lowered to 4.5mmol/l (81mg/dL). I'm quite pleased with that, though not surprised as my calorie intake at that point was 730kcal in 36 hours.

Evening meal was salad again. As I had over 450 calories to play with I had a huge salad of lettuce, cabbage, peppers, tomato, onion and jalapenos, with 75 calories worth of quorn thrown in. Adding 15ml of olive oil brought the calorie count to 327. Subtracting the calories from a couple of cups of coffee left me with approximately 125 calories for the small bowl of nuts I'm currently munching as my last snack of the day.

During the day I've taken my BG reading several times. The highest value I've had was the fasting level this morning of 5.2mmol/l (94mg/dL). One hour after my main meal I had the same value again. Two hours after eating this was just 5.1mmol/l (92mg/dL).

Surprisingly I haven't felt hungry or tired today at all. I suspect this may change tomorrow.

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