Saturday, 15 September 2012

Week Two

That's week two complete. It really wasn't difficult to survive on 600 calories per day for me. I lost some weight (quite a lot actually at around ten pounds) but that's partly the point of the experiment so I won't worry unduly about it. My average fasting blood glucose numbers fell by about 0.5mmol/l (9mg/dL) but stabilised at that point and didn't go any lower. My body fat percentage fell by about 2% (or 10% of the starting value).

I've now got to think about what I'm going to do from now on, since I return to work on Monday. I also want to increase the amount of strength training I'm doing and I've found that I've not been able to do this on the low calorie diet. In fact, in some exercises I've been unable to even continue with the same weight, sets and repetitions that I could do before the experiment. I've decided that for the next week or two at least, I'm going to return to my "normal" diet. This isn't normal in the English sense; I won't be eating meat, as I haven't done so for twenty-five years, and I won't be eating bread, rice and pasta. It will be the normal-for-me, low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat, high fibre, vegetarian diet.

I'll keep an eye on my blood glucose over the next couple of weeks and report back on any improvement or deterioration. This might help me understand whether the low calorie diet has made any difference. I could do a glucose tolerance test - drinking nearly a full bottle of Lucozade and monitoring the blood glucose over two hours - but this isn't something I want to put my body through.

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