Monday, 3 September 2012

Day Three

This is getting confusing now. Three days into the experiment and I'm feeling no adverse effects. Despite only five hours of sleep last night, and just 1,800 calories eaten in three days, I feel fine. I've been slightly tired but I'm pretty sure that that's the lack of sleep, rather than the deficit of food. I haven't felt hungry today at all.

I started the day with a blood glucose reading that was within the "normal range", at 4.9mmol/l (88mg/dL), which matches my lowest ever fasting blood glucose reading. No headache this morning and no hungriness. I have lost two pounds of weight in just two days, which is a bit of a worry. Hopefully that's fat from my liver and around my pancreas, which the original study suggests may be one of the problems that causes type 2 diabetes.

My food intake was essentially the same as yesterday. A vanilla shake for breakfast, some coffees (I needed those today) and a large salad for an evening meal. With today's salad I had a couple of soya sausages, which meant slightly less olive oil. I've had another few peanuts to take my total up to the magic 600 calories.

No specific exercise today. Instead I went to the seaside with my wife, Lisa. A day at Scarborough in North Yorkshire gave us the opportunity to walk down the coast and back for a total of around five miles. Half way through this walk I checked my blood glucose. The level was 4.4mmol/l (79mg/dL). This would be an excellent reading for me normally but I think signifies nothing except that I'm not eating a lot.

I got to see a very tall, metal chap who I may have mistaken for Santa on his day off. (I asked for a new bike for Christmas but I don't think I'll be lucky - he looked grumpy). Still, I got to sit on his knee for a minute half way through our walk whilst Lisa took a snap (inset).

The image to the left shows the first mile and a half of our route. It was the perfect day for walking. Quite warm and dry and the tide was out so we didn't get splashed.

The cliff in the distance isn't the end of the journey. The road continues round for another half mile or so before reaching the town centre, the amusement arcades and the many tempting food outlets. These sell chips (the British kind that you eat with fish), donuts, ice cream and some of the biggest, sweetest sweets you can imagine.

Lisa had a tray of chips (photo to the right). I used to eat chips quite often but I had a meal with just six chips soon after I had got my blood glucose levels under control and found they spiked my BG badly. At first I missed them but nowadays I don't really care any more as my tastes have changed drastically. I did like the smell of the vinegar though.

I had a black coffee and no food. Ha ha!

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