Friday, 7 September 2012

Day Seven

Easy buttonSeven days of the experiment now complete. A full week of "starvation" and I still don't feel hungry. It's starting to feel like I'm cheating as this is far too easy so far. I do feel like I want to eat something nice but it's more from boredom with my current diet, rather than actually feeling any hunger pangs.

One thing I have noticed is that my ability to concentrate for long periods is suffering slightly, but not much. I'm getting restless when I do one thing for more than an hour or two, wanting to do something else instead. Having said that, that is pretty usual for me when I'm not at work.

Fasting blood glucose was 5.0mmol/l (90mg/dL) this morning so about average for this experiment. I didn't do any specific exercise as I spent the day doing DIY (tiling) and also went for a four mile walk.

Week two starts tomorrow. I'm not sure whether this will be the final week of my experiment or not. If my concentration remains affected I'll have to start eating normally again before I return to work. If my concentration is OK, I may continue further.

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