Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day Four

A glass of water in an empty plateFour days into the experiment and I've now consumed a total of 2,400 calories. That's 100 calories fewer than the recommended intake for a single day. And yet, I still do not feel hungry.

My fasting blood glucose was a little higher than yesterday at 5.0mmol/l (90mg/dL). That's about as low as I would normally see before the experiment but slightly disappointing after yesterday's lower number. I guess there's a range that my body likes to be in and it's doing its best to stay within that range with the limited fuel I'm giving it. Certainly I'm not at risk of hypoglycaemia at present.

Reporting on my food intake is going to be quite repetitive. Vanilla protein shake, coffee and salad. Today Lisa prepared me some delicious garlic mushrooms using 8 calories-worth of mushrooms and 15ml of olive oil infused with garlic. There's little to tell on the food side because there's not a lot of food to talk about.

I spent four hours cleaning, polishing and waxing my car today so not much time left for exercising. I did some weight training afterwards, fitting in five exercises with three sets for each. One of the exercises seemed more difficult than normal and I couldn't finish the third set. I'm not sure if this is due to lack of energy from the diet, if I was fatigued from all of the car polishing or if I'm getting a little bit weaker; I hope my body isn't starting to use my muscles for food instead of that nasty visceral fat. I've read that you should be able to fast for a long period without losing muscle mass as long as you keep exercising. I hope that's true - only time will tell.

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