During the 600 calorie phase of the experiment I measured my fasting blood glucose daily and occasionally testing my post-prandial blood glucose. Anything significant in the blood glucose readings either one hour or two hours after eating is described in the daily log pages.

Fasting blood glucose is used by doctors to determine if people are diabetic. Here are the results for the experiment. The first Saturday reading was taken after a normal Friday. Saturday was the first 600 calorie day.

For those who prefer to work in mg/dL, instead of mmol/l, here's a handy conversion table. I was being a little too hopeful including values as low as 3.5mmol/l (65mg/dL). The further to the left the value, the better for my health (but I didn't aim to get any lower that the lowest values shown here).

Blood glucose conversion chart - mmol/l to mg/dL
Blood glucose conversion chart - mmol/l to mg/dL

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